Proclaiming Jesus Christ in Word and Deed


The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

At CrossRoads, we work to fulfill this mission in many ways.  For those who serve on the Nurture Team, our goal is help visitors, new members and long-timers who are entering a new phase of life assimilate in the life of the church.


For visitors, we understand that the anticipation of new friendships is part of the process of finding the church to which God is leading you.  Others take care of the music, preaching, communion, liturgy.  The Nurture Team wants to make sure that young folks meet other young folks, families with young children are shown where the nursery is located and told about Children’s Church, older singles are introduced to folks in their age group and stage of life.

Activities outside of worship are organized, such as Girls’ Night Out, small group dinner parties, larger men’s group meetings.

 If you are a visitor to CrossRoads, we want you to see that God has indeed led you to this worshiping congregation.  There is a place for you.

New Members

Included with New Members are those who attend regularly but have not yet joined – or have no plans to join.  When you’ve placed your heart at CrossRoads, you know it’s time to serve.  Are you a teacher?  We have places for you in adult and children’s Sunday School classes.  Are you a musician or singer?  There are opportunities in the Chancel Choir and Praise Team for both!  

Have you found a Sunday School class and/or small group of friends?  Would you like to be part of our monthly Dinner 8 activities?  Are you available during the day for Bible Study or crocheting head coverings for babies in the hospital?

Do you love sports?  Would you like to coach or assist with an adult or kid’s team?  Are you willing to spend a few hours on Saturdays to work the concession stand during youth basketball games?

There are many ways you can serve God through your membership and attendance at CrossRoads.  Let us help you find your niche.

New Phases of Life

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a new situation, a new reality of life.  Perhaps a spouse has died, and the familiar group of friends – all couples – is too painful to be around.  Or a spouse has had to take a job in another city and suddenly you are in a long-distance relationship with too many idle nights and weekends.  

For some, a new relationship means bringing a new face into an established group of friends.  Or a newly “empty nest” means extra time for activities and service projects long denied.

When life changes and there is a new reality, we sometimes need help finding a new way.  At CrossRoads, you will find a loving community of believers who want to be by your side as you find it.

For more information please contact Pastor Birgitte (email: or call the office at 901-737-3776 and ask for our pastor.