Proclaiming Jesus Christ in Word and Deed


Adult Sunday School

Do you have questions about how God's Word relates to contemporary issues?

Do you want to study the Bible in depth and discover just who God is?

You are invited to come and visit any of our Adult Sunday School classes at 9:00 on Sunday morning for an hour of learning and sharing.  You may find answers to your questions; and you may question answers you find here.  And that's okay, because we all come wanting to know more about God and how to have a deeper spiritual relationship with him.

New Life Class  —  Singles and married of all ages attend this class.  Contemporary issues with biblical based answers spark some lively discussions.

Open Door Class  —  Class consists of singles and married couples of different age groups. We study the Bible and other inspirational books that teach and encourage us to live Christ centered lives.Class Meets in room 17

Horizons Class  —  Single and married seniors attend this class.   Lecture and lively discussion, using the popular International Adult Bible Study Series to gain a deeper understanding of the foundation of our Christian faith and how we can let the light of Christ shine through us.   

Bible Study Class  —  Singles and married of all ages attend this class.  The Bible is studied in depth to discover just who God is and how he is working in our lives today.

Most classes use a combination of printed study material and DVDs.